Sound & Vision Experience

Sound & Vision Experience

The museum (the experience) has opened again! Come by and enjoy all the beautiful media moments. 

Beeld & Geluid (Sound and Vision) is the leading institute for all the media in the Netherlands. It has one of the largest archives in the world. Media, such as radio and television programs, video (games), written press, political prints, GIFs, websites, and objects are being kept in these archives.

Sound and Vision is one of the authorities that objectively maps the Dutch media landscape and current developments. In this way they show the impact the media has on everyone's life. They do this with numerous partners, such as creative media makers, clever experts, committed companies and relevant influencers. In this way they contribute together to a media-wise world.

Adventurous day trip

At the Institute for Sound & Vision in Hilversum, you can take a train ride passing recording studios, visit the audiovisual archive, participate in workshops or learn how to make news. In short, an adventurous day out for the whole family!

Audiovisual heritage

You will recognize the Sound & Vision building. It is one of the most special architectural buildings in the world. The striking colorful building is the entrance to the Media Park and an icon for Hilversum Media City. The building is a design by Neutelings Riedijk Architecten. The unique glass facade is a design by Jaap Drupsteen, incorporating historical film and television images in relief. The institute manages a century of audiovisual history of more than 800,000 hours of film, radio, and television.

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