From 12:00 o'clock till 17:00 o'clock 

Clubsandwich with chicken, bacon, tomato, cucumber, egg, lettuce and mustard mayonnaise € 9,50

Multigrain bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red union and capers € 7,75

Multigrain bread with carpaccio, pesto, rocket salad, Italian cheese and pine nuts € 7,00

Ciabatta with homemade tunasalad € 7,00

Ciabatta from the oven with brie cheese, honey and walnuts € 7,75

Baquette 'Pulled Pork', slow cooked pork with BBQ sauce € 8,50

Lunchplate; tomato soup, 3 rolls with carpaccio, smoked salmon and shrimp croquette € 9,50

Panini with goat cheese, grilled eggplant and rocky salad € 8,25

Two croquettes with bread € 6,50

Omelet with ham, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables served with bread € 7,50

Omelet with smoked salmon, served with bread € 7,75

Fried eggs European style with ham, cheese and roast beef € 7,50

Fries eggs gratinated with peppers, mushrooms, onion and cheese € 8,00

Plate service

from 12.00 o'clock till 22.00 o'clock, all dishes are served with salad, french fries and mayonaise

Pork satay with prawn crackers and pickled vegetables € 15,00

Steak with mushrooms and garlic butter € 16,75

100% sirloin burger with bacon and pepper-tomato salsa € 15,00

Fried plaice filets with remoulade sauce € 16,50

Paprdelle pasta with forest mushrooms, rocket salad and cream sauce € 15,00

Schnitzel wiener art € 16,50


Salads are servwed with bread and butter

Salad with beef tenderloin tips, ginger shreds and teriyaki sauce € 12,50

A salad Light with tomato, green salad, avocado, shrimps and 30+ cheese € 12,50

Salad with baked goat cheese, walnuts, honey, sweet pepper and hony-mustard sauce (v) € 12,50

Ceaser salad with lettuce, bacon, tomato, chicken, ceaser dressing and italian cheese € 12,50


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  • Ideal location on the A1 between Hilversum en Laren
  • Free parking
  • Free WIFI
  • Spacious terrace
  • Pay with maestro, CreditCard or cash