Activities in Laren

Nestled in the midst of the lush green landscapes of the Gooi region lies Laren, also known as 'the pearl of the Gooi'. This picturesque village, renowned for its beautiful architecture, vibrant art scene, and rich history, warmly invites visitors to experience its unique charm and inviting atmosphere.

Explore Laren and its surroundings

Its residents are flamboyant and extroverted. Twenty percent of households fall into the millionaire category. Lamborghini and Ferraris cause a nuisance there. The small picturesque village is known for its large selection of restaurants and upscale stores. Stroll through the narrow streets of Laren and admire the picturesque boutiques, galleries and cozy cafes. The Gooi offers beautiful natural environments, perfect for relaxing walks or bike rides. Don't forget to explore Laren's rich cultural heritage, such as the Singer Laren Museum, a treasure trove of art and culture.

Hotel near Laren

Just a short distance from enchanting Laren is Van der Valk Hotel Hilversum - de Witte Bergen. Our hotell not only offers comfortable accommodations but is also strategically located for guests who want to explore Laren and the Gooi. You walk from the hotel through the moors and beautiful farmland to Laren village. 

Just a short drive from Laren takes you to the hotel, which offers an oasis of comfort and hospitality. After a day of exploration, relax in the sumptuous rooms, enjoy excellent amenities such as a Casino and gym, and feast on delicious dishes in our restaurant.

Route Witte Bergen - Laren