Charging Point

Welcome! We are delighted to announce that our hotel has a total of 31 charging points for electric cars within a radius of just 500 meters. This makes us one of the largest charging stations in the Netherlands! We invite you to come and enjoy our facilities while charging your electric car. At our hotel, we are forward-thinking and committed to positive changes.

We offer the following charging stations:

  • 13 charging stations with a Type 2 connector
  • 17 charging stations with a CCS connector
  • 1 charging station with a CHAdeMO connector

So, whether you have a Type 2, CCS, or CHAdeMO connector, we have the right charging infrastructure available. You are welcome to drop by and take advantage of our state-of-the-art charging facilities. We look forward to welcoming you!


2 × CCS 350 kW
2 × CCS 80 kW
1 × CHAdeMO 50 kW
1 × CCS 50 kW
1 × Type 2 43,5 kW
12 × Type 2 22,1 kW

Tesla Supercharger

12 × CCS 250 kW