Visit the garden of manor house Nardinclant before and/or after your visit at Singer Laren. In particular the opening of the Narinc wing of Singer Laren where the Nardinc collection will be exhibited. The name of the collection and the wing of Singer Laren is named and closely linked to the manor and is partly established at Nardinclant. 

The manor Nordinclant has a rich history and always had a link with art. Garden tours and art exhibitions are regularly scheduled where guests are able to walk through the garden with a guide.

You are able to walk in the garden throughout the year as the garden is beautyful in every season. The garden is appointed as 'top tuin' (great garden) by the Dutch Garden Foundation and is elected in 2021 as green monument of North-Holland. 

The garden is designed by Leonard Springen and the garden drawings and the lists of plants are saved at the University of Wageningen. The Singer also used to have a garden of Leonard Springer, however, this garden is replaced by a garden of Piet Oudolf. The history of this garden and the buildings in the garden (such as the longest pergola of the Netherlands, an icehouse, terraces and stairs) are kept at the manor Nardinclant. 

A walk through the garden takes 30 minutes as the manor is 2.7 hecatare. Nardinclant is located 3 kilometers from our hotel and 1 kilometer from Singer Laren. Visit Singer Laren after Nardinclant to visit both a historic and modern garden. 

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