Van der Valk Hotel Hilversum - de Witte Bergen


Parties and receptions

From a big party to a small family meeting, we take care of it to the last detail in our atmospheric rooms. To make it even easier to you, we composed different reception and party packages.

Party and reception packages

For receptions we offer you 2-hours packages and for parties 4-hours packages. With this packages we serve unlimited drinks ( exclusive of foreign spirits ) and snacks. Choose from:

2-hours reception package Eemnes

€ 15,50 per person

  • Unlimited drinks ( exclusive of foreign spirits )
  • Snack garnish "Eemnes" consists of:
    • Pastry pretzels and nuts
    • Cheese and sausage
    • Miniwrap with cucumber and cream cheese
    • Various hot snacks

This package can be served from 30 persons.

2-hours reception package de Witte Bergen

€ 21,50 per person

  • Glass of Prosecco on arrival
  • Unlimited drinks ( exclusive of foreign spirits )
  • Snack garnish "de Witte Bergen" consists of:
    • Pastry pretzels and nuts
    • Cheese and sausage
    • Miniwrap with cucumber and cream cheese
    • Miniwrap with smoked turkey
    • Amuse with smoked salmon and cucumber
    • Various hot snacks

This package can be reserved from 30 persons.

4-hours party package Eemnes

From 50 persons it is possible to reserve a party package. Ideal for a wedding or birthday celebration.

The price of the package is € 26,50 per person for 4 hours and consists of:

  • Glass of Prosecco on arrival
  • Unlimited drinks ( exclusive of foreign spirits )
  • Snack garnish "Eemnes"
  • Yakitori chicken with satay sauce
  • Coffe or tea in conclusion
  • Dance floor
4-hours party package de Witte Bergen

The price of the packageis € 34,50 per person for 4 hours and consists of:

  • Unlimited drinks ( exclusive of foreign spirits )
  • Snack garnish "de Witte Bergen"
  • Snack buffet consists of:
    • Various ttypes of paté with compote
    • Various types of cheese
    • Hot ham on the bone with mustard sauce
    • Chicken satay with satay sauce
    • Bread with butter and garlicbutter
  • Coffee or tea in conslusion
  • Dance floor
Suggestions to expand you package
  • Elongation party package per half hour: € 3,50 per person

  • Hot ham on the bone with bread and honey mustard sauce: € 6,50 per person

  • Chicken satay with satay sauce: € 4,50 per person

  • Sandwich: € 3,00 per person

  • Pizza roll: € 3,00 per person

Why choose our meeting rooms?

•    Central location on the A1 between Hilversum en Laren
•    23 multifunctional rooms
•    Capacity: 2 to 350 persons
•    Free parking
•    Free WIFI
•    Perfect organisation
•    Book online
•    Flexible room setup

Hire a party room in our hotel. Send us your request for a reception or party.Our employees will be happy to help you coordinate your celebration.

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