Menu suggestion

Wrap with Serrano Ham, tomato and grilled pepper
Beef tenderloin Brochette with sauce bearnaise
Chocolatemousse with Amarena cherries

€ 27,50 per person


starters and soups are served with bread

Multigrain bread with garlic butter and olive dip € 4,50

Dutch shrimps with a creamy cocktailsauce € 12,50 

Shrimps baked in garlic butter € 9,00

Carpaccio with pesto, Parmesan, pine nuts and capres € 9,25

Baked goat cheese with honey, rocket salad and walnuts (v) € 8,50

Rouleau of smoked rib eye filled with duck liver and balsamic syrup € 9,00

Bombe of smoked salmon with a mousse of crab € 9,50



French onion soup with a cheese crouton € 5,00

Pomodori soup with fresh basil and cream € 5,00

Cream soup of mushrooms € 5,00


Salads are served with bread and butter

Ceasar salad with lettuce, bacon, tomato, chicken, ceasar dressing and Italian cheese €12,50

Salad with baked goat cheese, walnuts, honey, sweet pepper and honey-mustard sauce (v)  €12,50

Salad with beef tenderloin tips, ginger shreds and teiyaki sauce € 12,50

A salad light with tomato, green salad, avocado, shrimps and 30+ cheese €12,50

Plate service

From 12.00 o'clock till 22.00 o'clock
These dishes are served woth salad, frernch fries and mayonaise

Pork satay with prawn crackers and pickled vegetables € 15,00

Steak with mushrooms and garlic butter € 16,75

100% sirloin hambuger with bacon and pepper-tomato salsa € 15,00

Fried plaice filets with remoulade sauce € 16,50

Papardelle with forest mushrooms, rocket salad ans cream sauce € 15,00

Schnitzel Wiener art € 16,50

Main courses

All main dishes are served with fries, baked potatoes and salad
From 16.00 o'clock till 22.00 o'clock

Tournedos with bacon and a sauce of red wine and rosemary € 22,75

Pork tenderloin  medaillons with grilled zucchini and mushroom cream sauce € 16,50

Suckling pig with smokey barbecue sauce and baked potato € 18,50

Fried veal liver served with bacon, onion and apple € 16,50

Fried sole ( 350 gr. ) served with lemon € 19,50

Pan fried salmon with noodles, paksoi, ginger and soy sauce € 16,50

Bream fillet with tomato risotto and saffron sauce € 18,50

Pastry pie with figs, goat cheese and salad € 15,00

Lady tournedos ( 120 gr. ) with pepper sauce 18,00

Poached salmon with Hollandaise sauce € 14,50

World eaters kids menu

Van der Valk supports KidsRights. This organisation supports children all over the world who find themselves in a vulnerable position. With this world eaters menu we specially support the nutrition program Sizanani in South-Africa. They deliver hot school meals, which for some is the only meal of the day. Al special kids menu is created. Each menu exists of a soup of choice, a main course and a children ice cream.


Crème brulée with syrup waffle ice cream € 6,50

Crepe cake filled with pearbavarois and chocolate € 6,50

Parfait of backet hazelnuts, caramel sauce and whipped cream € 6,50

Chocolate fudge of marshmallows and hazelnuts with banana ice € 6,50

Sorbet with fruits, pear and black current ice cream with whipped cream € 5,75

Dame blanche; vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream € 5,75

Kids ice cream; vanilla ice cream and whipped cream € 3,25

Coffee complete with delicious sweets for 2 persons € 6,50 p.p.


Irish coffee € 6,00

Italian coffee € 6,00

French coffee € 6,00

Spanish coffee € 6,00

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